Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kids say the Cutest Things!!!

Jaren: My Sweet little 5 year old. Oh, excuse me...that would be 5 and a half. Cause he can not wait for his next birthday. A few months ago, Jaren came into my room one morning as I was telling David that I had ANOTHER Bad Dream. Jaren in his sweetest voice says Mommy, I'll show you how to have a good dream. You do this, and he proceeded to show me how you snuggle into your pillow and close your eyes and dream about being Older. *giggle* Oh, that would explain why I'm having so many bad dreams...I don't want to get any older. What an Angel! I have thought about this often the last few months, determined to write it down. Another cute thing he said was the other day....he said "Mom Do Houses have Birthdays?" ..I said Yes, I guess it is the day you move in. Oh...Then me and the house are the same age, we are both 5 and a half! Yes, thats true! I hadn't really thought about it before but we celebrate the House the same time we celebrate you. (I was on bedrest with Jaren for a couple of months, and had to take it very easy...So when our house was finally ready to move in, and after 6 months of living in a rental house. The doctor gave us the go ahead that I could get out of bed. David and his brother Alden & Kristy came and painted the house. The week before and then we had a tremendous turn out from our ward family to pick us up and move us. We moved in a few short hours (only a couple miles away). The next morning very early my water broke...and Jaren was born) I came home from the hospital with boxes and boxes piled in every room, my dear husband with Anemonia, and My Wonderful Mother had just had surgery and told not to lift anything. But I was very grateful for her being there any way)...back to the real story!! ...Jaren said "Mom Can we throw a Birthday Party for the house?" ..."I think I have an Idea what we can get the house too. What's That? I'd Like to get the house a Bouncy Ball! "A Ball? i said, a little confused. "Yes, I would bounce it on the walls and on the floor and then the house would be having fun too!" What a little smarty! I love it!

Camden: Camden is 8, but you wouldn't know it. He trys so hard to be and do everything his big brothers do. He is hillarious! He is such a quick hummored kid, that I do have to remind him to think before he speaks. I never know what he will say or do. And most of the time he surpises me in a good way! He is undeniably an Awesome kid! The other day, we had a Giant Dust Storm! It was the largest and craziest and scariest dust storm I have ever been in. We had just left the house, Braden noticed some dark clouds to the east, but they seemed very far away. We were headed to the drive-in to see Cars 2. I drove to the bank, and took out a little cash, and just as I was to grab my receipt a huge wind snapped it away before I could get to it. That's when I realized the storm had hit us. I looked around and it was starting to get dark, but the sun hadn't gone down. I pulled a head and parked in the parking lot. We were going to wait out the storm. The Dust storm got much worse, we could see only about 8 or 9 feet a head of us. I was very grateful I was not driving on the road. I looked to see the 347 and some cars were still moving but very slowly...many had chosen to pull off the road as well. The kids were getting restless and a little scared. David was at Philmont...Braden called him to tell him what was going on. The storm was blowing hard up to 68 miles per hour of constant gusts. But we could see a head of us now. The boys said lets go to the movie. I had made them do extra chores the whole day to earn, the right to go...and they wanted there reward. I told them there would be other days we could go to the movie, but that let's pray about it and see what Heavenly Father says. I prayed. I felt even more concerned about the storm and that we should go home. The kids still wanted to go. I explained to them how I felt, and that I felt that Heavenly Father was protecting us, and that we would go to the movie another day. So we went home. The kids felt releived to be home. The ate the popcorn we packed as they watch the rest of the storm from the window, then we put in a movie at home. The kids were all snuggled in. I was still a little frazzled! The next Day! We surveyed what had happened! Dust was dumped on us. The pool had gotten it the worst. Leaves, garbage, toys fell into the pool. We began cleaning out the filters. Braden hopped in with the hose and started pushing the dirt to one side like he had seen his dad do. Camden came out thinking this looked like fun, and put his swim suit on. Before stepping into the pool he looks at me and says..."Is this water Sanitary? Looks questionable to me?" I had to laugh and laugh! It sertainly did. There was thick dirt at the bottom, very cloudy and a little green. YUCK! But we figured its no worse than many of the lakes we have swam in so we had a little fun as we worked.

Tristen: Tristen, is very focused, and Diligent. And He Loves Drama....though he will deny it. He is a True Character. He loves to imitate movies. Tell, Retell Jokes. Sing songs and add his own PaZAAZZ! He cracks me up! One day while we were at scouts, I am a webelows leader and Had the Pleasure of working with Tristen. We were doing Outdoorsman and we were doing our campfire songs. Tristen decided to teach the boys "The Moose" A few had heard it last year, but the couple who just came in were in for a treat! I don't know if I can explain to you how he sings this repeat after me song...but he just does it with all of his heart and soul. When it comes to sing it Loud part...He Shouts it, in a terrifying demanding way. When it says to say it sadly...He says it with his hat in hand over his heart...and tears in his eyes when the moose dies. We were laughing so hard! One of the new scouts fell to the ground he was laughing soo hard!

Braden: Can't hardly even say his name without smiling. He has a hard time staying serious. Braden is 13! He admires his Dad very much. He is very kind, and sensitive, and intelligent! He has a super fun personality. He is very witty! I don't know if I can think of One thing that he has said that stands out. But I will think. He is so fun, and makes me smile many times through out the day. He understands my sarcasim...where the other kids dont' pick it up. He knows when to look at me to see me go cross eyed when something is driving me nuts. He smiles at me to say....I know!! He knows me very well. Braden loves to play with Jaren. I think this is the best part of Summer Vacation is watching the brothers bond and play so well with each other. This morning...Braden and Jaren were playing a game of tag or follow the leader. I'm not sure what the rules where, but Braden would chase Jaren around the chair in the loft, back to my bed where Jaren whould hop accross, just barely escaping Braden's grasp and evil laugh. This game went on and on. about the 4th time I realized Braden was letting Jaren get away every time. Jaren was loving and giggling and giggling. Braden was too. Braden Loves to make other people happy. and he is really good at it too!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Internet Weight Loss Challenge

This is an email that my Weight Loss Coach sent me. We want to start a new Challenge for people all over...accross State Lines. We would like to have classes over the internet and start the Biggest Loser's Weight Loss Challenge. She has listed the details below. Let me know if you have questions, or would like to join. Feel free to tell all your friends too. This is going to be So Much Fun, and we are going to get Healthy and Lose Weight Together.

This is Lisa Curtis with Herbalife and I hope that you are having a great summer so far! I am emailing to let you know about something that’s brand new that’s just starting up that I think will be Perfect for you!! It is also something that you can let other friends and family know about and they can participate also - because you can be anywhere – you just have to have a phone and a computer!
Have you ever seen or have you heard of the Biggest Loser on TV?
What I feel would make a Big difference for you and help you Excel in your program is Group Support. So what’s about to take place is the "Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge over the phone" and how it works is.
It’s going to be a 12 week course designed by the top doctors at UCLA Center of Human Nutrition and it’s going to be a live 30 minute call each week in the comfort of your own home. And what you are going to get from the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge is:
Facts on Weight loss and Nutritional Tips
Meal Plans
You’re going to learn how many calories your Body burns at rest, which is going to help you with losing weight.
You’re going to get a FREE wellness evaluation that will also help you find out what your risk of disease is.
You’re going to get healthy snacking ideas
You’re going to be able to download incredible information each week that’s for you to keep that’s going to help you with healthy living.
So you’ll have group support and accountability for 12 weeks to get you on your way to incredible results!
And you’re going to get incredible information on how your body works and once you hear this, you’re going to realize how little you really know how your body works.
On top of that there is going to be "the Biggest Loser Cash Pot" Where all the contestants just put in $35 into the pot.
1st place winner gets 50%
2nd place winner gets 30%
3rd place winner gets 20%
It’s all based on weight Percentage, so that way even though you may be competing against someone that has more weight to lose than you, you could still WIN. So people can WIN hundreds of Dollars.
Which is just an added Bonus!
Everyone in the Challenge will be drinking @ least a shake a day to balance out their nutrition, so if you don't already have a shake, you will need to add an extra $45 for one.
Do you see how I thought this would really benefit you?
Would you like to get in on the Biggest Loser Challenge?
Still not sure? Take a look at this video online,
You can pay with Master Card, Visa, Discover.
Let me know if you are ready to get started and I will get you added to the list and then make sure that you get all of the rest of the details.

Thanks and have a great day!


Oh, by the way, please pass this on to as many people as you would like!

Lisa Curtis 303-394-1525
Wellness Coach -I Love to get to Make a Difference in Peoples Lives!

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Weight Loss Challenge

About 2 months ago, a friend and I started attending a Weight Loss Challenge. We were already working out together, so this seemed like a very natural step. It turned out to be something very fun, with fabulous information. I was totally impressed, after the first week. David's interest was peeked, and he was tired of being left home to watch the kids. I told him to come with me. Braden is nearly 12 and he can watch the boys for an hour. So he did. He signed up too, and is doing Amazing! He has an amazing will power. I think he might win the challenge. He is seriously rocking! He has already lost over 10 pounds. I have lost 7 and half pounds, but the coolest thing, is how good I feel. Because i am increasing my protein, and other vitamins, and eating better. i don't have as many lows from my blood sugar. It is great. She just remeasured me again, and I have lost over 5 inches! Wow! I am really going to try harder the next 6 weeks and see if I can more than double that number. I would really like to lose 20 pounds, but it's an up hill battle for me. But as long as I continue to lose, I am happy! My Coach could see how much I love this program, and she offered me a job. So I am now passing out fliers, and just started my own weight loss challenge. It's great cause i can do this job in my spare time! which is usually between 5 and 7 am! I am juggling piano lessons, and 5 hours of swim lessons Monday through Thursday. For those who know me....I am trying not to over do it! I really am! I am just very motivated to get out of credit card debt, that has been lingering over us for the last 3 years. The great thing about being so busy, is that I sleep really good at night! I am so thrilled about the changes our family is making through this weight loss challenge. The kids will hopefully grow up to be stronger and wiser for the changes we are making this summer. If anyone would like to join us on this journey. I encourage you to! It is wonderful to feel healthy and to be more fit. There is still room in my class for those who live in Copa. If you want to sign in and do it over the internet, I will be starting an "online class on June 24th!" It's going to be amazing!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Birthday Parties

2 weeks ago Camden had a Birthday Party in the backyard. We swam, and did a few water balloons, and got out the big water slide. The biggest attraction was going down a little slide in the pool and having David catch them on the way down. He had kids hanging around his neck, leg, arm and really anything they could hold on to for an hour and a half. We had 28 kids there so we had to rotate, in and out of the pool. David was a great sport! I am so glad it was him and not me. I would have been so frazzled with that many 6 year olds swimming around me.

Yesterday we had Braden's Birthday Party...yes I realize I am throwing each of there parties, 2 weeks early. Camden's we did before a friend left to Utah, and Braden's we wanted to do before one of his best buddies, moved to California. So we had Six 12 year old boys out in the back, David set up the screen next to the pool, and they had a "Dive-In" Movie They watched the Toothfairy, while we had Nacho's. Then we had an oreo ice cream cake (well I skipped it cause I'm watching the sweets) But I hear it was delish! Then they got there sleeping bags out, and set up camp on the trampoline. Camden cried and cried because Braden didn't want little brothers out there. He finally caved in and allowed Tristen (since Tristen is such a good buddy to all of his friends, and he wants to be invited when Tristen does his 12 year old sleep over) I didn't realize we had started a tradition, but oh well. It went well. Camden however was furious that his brother who is 5 years older than him, wouldn't want him to join his sleep over. I let David handle it, while I put the 2 girls I am babysitting down for the night. David told Camden he could sleep infront of the T.V. and stay up late, which he did. However, in the morning we found out that he had snuck out sometime during the night with a water gun and sprayed the boys on the tramp. Lol! Boys will be Boys! The boys had a great time the next morning swimming and playing games on the Wii! It was a pretty easy party. The crazy thing is we celebrated both Birthdays before June 5th! Their actual birthdays are not till next week, and the week after that. We got a head start this year, and it is soo nice.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flooded...and will be charged for it... ugh!

Me and 6 kids, packed up ourselves, and went on the ward campout. It was way more work than I expected. I was completely exhausted. When I came home from the campout. I found a note on the door. It was from my neighbor behind me, who said he woke up to a flooded back yard. He said he quickly discovered the water was comming from our yard. A hose was left in the pool, running. Camden came home early from school on friday to HELP me pack. He wasn't alot of help, but kept Jaren busy while I got some work done. They were outside, and I guess he assumed the pool looked a little low, so he added some water. This was about noon on Friday. The water was left on until 9 or 10 on Saturday. That is almost 20 hours. It usually takes our pool 3 hours to top off. So you can imagine how much water was wasted. Now, I know this was a simple mistake. However the worst part of it, is we don't have a well. We have to Pay for each gallon of water we use. IT is NOT cheap. My water bill will probably be over $600 dollars next month, due to this tiny little mistake. David is furious...(He is in Idaho for Alden's wedding) SO I am trying to decide how to punish him. David thinks he should pay the diffrence on the water bill. Well that could be $3-400 dollars. That would take a 6 year old nearly 6 years to earn that much. I'm not sure what to do. If you have any suggestions on how to fairly discipline this little guy. Please leave a post.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nobody Likes me Every body Hates Me

....I think I'll go eat WORMS. Yuck! Has anyone seen that movie. How to eat fried worms? The boys were watching it the other day.'s totally grose (they boys love it of coarse). You need a strong stomache to watch this cute little show. Anway...I've been blogging for a month or so now. and NO One seems to be reading this blog. bummer. I guess I thought it would be like a new hit show, or the evening news, and everyone would tune in. I guess, I miss understood my fan club, (wich mostly consists of children under the age of 5) Whom I love! But, I don't think they get much time to read blogs. So here is my test. I'm going to blog this, and then see who actually reads my blog.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to You! Let's go to the Zoo!

Tristen's Birthday was last week. He turned 10 years old. It's hard to believe he is getting so old. He is so responsible, and kind. He has so many sweet friends because of his really sweet personality. He is a true peace maker. However reflecting back on the terrible two's.... I never thought we were going to live through, his tantrums and fits. I used to have to hold the door closed because he wouldn't stay in time out. I couldn't just put him in the corner because he would get out and try to hit me or anyone near him. I remember at one point Braden 2 years him everything he wanted, because he didn't want to see him get in trouble for throwing a fit. (Wow!) Back then Braden was the peace maker. Now he is a BIG tease. Boys are Fun!
My Mom sent me some Birthday money. (It was a few months late) But I don't mind. I'm happy to celebrate my Birthday any time. So I used the money to buy a Zoo pass for the family. I know I am one of the few Mom's that really love the zoo, but I do. I think it reminds me of the farm back home. I also love the great work out, going up the hills pushing 2 kids in a stroller for 3 hours, has to burn some calories, right? The baby animals are so cute this time of year. We saw the Baby Orangatun, Girafee, squirel, prairie dog. So cute!